EGOR: Observations on the Unwaking World

Imagined by Eilish Gormley

May 11, 2023 - Jun 1, 2023
Pauhaus Gallery
5239 Melrose Ave , Los Angeles, CA 90038
Opening Reception Thursday May 11th 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Exhibit Description

Eilish Gormley (aka EGOR) is a multimedia artist based in Portland, Oregon. Through her combination of paintings, animations, and video work, Eilish processes the world around her, as well as merging with the world that exists just beyond our reach.

Eilish would like to avoid words so I will be speaking in her place.

A quiet individual,

Both in her speaking voice and frequency of sentences,

Finds solace and liberation through visual language.

While she is not a practicing Catholic and is fairly indifferent on the existence of a higher being, she maintains a goal of receiving an apparition from Mary.

She would also be content with a visitation from an angel.

Do not be deceived by her demeanor.

Eilish creates with the intention of her work being seen.

The work operates as a vehicle for connection between the artist, the art, and the viewer; if it can conjure a moment of introspection, curiosity, or amusement, its purpose has been served.

She respects the power of the Subconscious. We are more connected in the Subconcious than we can ever know.

In acknowledging this, one begins to recognize their patterns and motifs. One can approach life with a sharpened intuition and an ever-developing inner world.

This is where Eilish likes to operate.

A vibrant and whimsical landscape

full of stories,



day dreams.

Through her art, we invite you in.



Presented By Pauhaus Curated By Pau